Author: Highworth Town Council

Thank you from a visitor to the Town

‘I had business in Highworth today and managed to find a parking space in the area opposite Grosvenor Consultancy offices on the High Street. I returned to my car around 5pm. Due to a car parked in front of me I had to reverse back onto the High Street to leave. Unfortunately a combination of the ice I was parked on, my rear wheel drive car and the incline , I was unable to gain enough traction to reverse. I was trying to clear the ice around my wheels when a young chap approached and offered to push me off the ice onto the ice free main road. He tried really hard but in vain. A lady returned who was parked next to me .She has some cardboard in her car and offered me that to try to put behind my wheels to help with lack of traction. That didn’t work either. The chap who helped pushing then  suggested I try the pub opposite for some hot water to melt the ice. The landlady was great and on my second trip back to my car with a jug of hot water another gentleman was standing next to my car. He had seen my plight from an upstairs window opposite and brought some dishwasher salt to help melt the ice. The combination of the water and salt freed me up from the ice and I could be on my way. In the space of less than 10 minutes four individuals who were not known to me tried to help. So a BIG thank you to the people of Highworth. This was only the second or third time I have visited Highworth, but it will not be the last!’






There was an inspection carried out on the Northview Play Area recently by The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) at which the following pieces of equipment were condemned:  Zip Wire, Slide and Mobliss.

When Swindon Borough Council installed the equipment, it made the choice to include a Zip Wire into the play area, however this was not the ideal piece of equipment for the location. The Zip Wire was located at the bottom of the hill where the water runs to its lowest point and the water table is very close to the surface. This causes the supporting beams to rot very quickly and require replacing on a regular basis. The equipment is also used by adults, for which it is not designed, which causes repeated damage to its running gear and RoSPA state that it is not safe to use because of the slope and its position. The maintenance cost on this equipment and its re-location is far too expensive and it is to be removed entirely. The Slide suffers from its age, but can be salvaged. RoSPA agreed that if it is shortened and embedded directly into the grass embankment it will continue to have a long life. Repair work is to be carried out on the Mobliss which is salvageable. The Northview Working Party is considering additional pieces of equipment for the Play Area which is expected to include two benches. Work for this is hoped to commence in May 2018.

David Lane

Town Clerk