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CIL is a levy that Local Authorities can choose to charge on new developments in their area. The money should be used to support development by funding infrastructure that the Council, local community and neighbourhoods wants.

Parish/Town Councils will receive 15% of the CIL charge on each development in their area however because Highworth Town Council has an adopted Neighbourhood Plan it receives 25% of the CIL charge. The CIL income is paid to Parish Councils to be spent by the Parish Councils on offsetting the impacts of development in the area. The report showing CIL payments spent within the year are shown below.  If you wish to  apply for CIL funds you must make your application using the Grant Form. For further information please contact the Town Clerk.

Audit Documents

The Council is subject to an internal audit twice a year.  The Annual Accounting Statement is audited externally annually, the statement summarises the income and expenditure for the year and includes the internal audit reports. This is a statutory provision of Section 6 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014.



Council Precept


The preparation of an annual budget is one of the key statutory tasks undertaken by the Council and requires the draft budgets for the forthcoming financial year to be prepared and put before the General Purpose & Finance Meeting. 

The budget results in the Council setting the Precept for the year, it allows for review of the current years budget and spending, it assess levels of anticipated income and provides for contingencies and the need for reserves

             Highworth Town Council – Precept Information for 2023/2024

             Highworth Town Council – Budget Information 2023/2024

             Highworth Town Council – Precept Information for 2022/2023 

                Highworth Town Council – Budget Information 2022/2023

             Highworth Town Council – Precept Information for 2021/2022

                Highworth Town Council Budget information 2021/2022

             Highworth Town Council – Precept Information for 2020/2021     

The Precept is the local council tax requirement required from local electors to meet the Council’s budget. Every local Council has the power to levy a Precept each financial year as a “Local Precepting Authority”.

The council tax requirement is the difference between the Council’s estimated income and estimated expenditure for the year.  See the breakdown shown below….

Precept breakdown 2024 / 2025

Projected expenditure£777,549.00
Projected Income£92,102.00
Precept required£685,447.00


 In terms of what this means to Highworth Residents is shown below:

Council Tax Banding 2024/2025Annual CostMonthly Cost
BAND A£144.49£12.04
BAND B£168.57£14.05
BAND C£192.65£16.05
BAND D£216.74£18.06
BAND E£264.90£22.08
BAND F£313.06£26.09
BAND G£361.23£30.10
BAND H£433.47£36.12