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Highworth Town Council consulted the community from 28th October 2022 to 20th November 2022 by using online survey software. Paper copies were also available in various outlets in the town. Two public consultations were held in the community room in Highworth Town Council offices on Monday 14th November 2022 6.00pm-8.00pm and Saturday 19th November 2022 8.30am-1.00pm.  The report below summarises the main findings of the survey. 

Approval was given by Full Council on Tuesday 17th January 2023 for the Golf Course Working Party (which consists of Councillors and Action Group Members) to prepare a business plan in readiness to submit to Swindon Borough Council.

swindon borough council emerging local plan including the old golf course site

17th November 2021 – Update on Emerging Local Plan Consultation 

Following the closure of the Emerging Local Plan Consultation on the 7th October 2021 Highworth Town Council has queried the delay in publishing the comments on the Consultation  Portal.   We have been advised that Swindon Borough Council is  working at capacity to process the representations received. They are aiming to complete this work as soon as possible and have advised it is their current priority. 

The Consultation received approximately 1000 representations which were made by about 700 individual residents, organisations, or others with an interest in the draft Local Plan.

Swindon Borough Council has advised about 325 representations have been made against the proposed housing allocation on the former Highworth Golf Course site (Policy LA 34). This was made up of around 262 representations which utilised the pre-filled representation form promoted by the Action Group For Saving Highworth’s Old Golf Course, and approximately 63 further representations relating to Highworth in general, nearly all of which referenced LA34.  

In addition we have received the representation from the Town Council and the representation from the Action Group.

Swindon Borough Council is working towards  taking a report on the submission of the Local Plan to Cabinet on 1st December 2021. 

If Cabinet decide to recommend the submission of the Plan for examination, the recommendation will be taken to a Swindon Borough Council decision on 20th January 2022 (anticipated).

 If submission is agreed by Swindon Borough Council, Officers will submit the Plan for Examination in Public to the Secretary of State soon after, in late January or February 2022.


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