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Who we are and what we do


Highworth is an ancient Hill Top Market Town and has a population of approximately 8000 residents. In 1206 Highworth was granted a charter for its Market which is still held weekly to this day. The centre of the Town boasts many Georgian and Queen Anne houses and has been a Conservation Area since 1976.

There are a wide range of sporting facilities within Highworth, Highworth Town Football Club, Highworth Town Juniors Football Club along with Tennis, Cricket and a Bowls Club. The Recreation Centre which is run by Halo is also situated within the Town offering a sports hall, fully equipped gymnasium and boasts a 25m swimming pool.



Highworth Town Council – An overview

The Council is the first tier of Government since 1894 and is made up of 15 elected Councillors and forms the most local level of local Government.  The Council which makes the decisions and policies collectively through debate and resolution on behalf of the Town. 

A Councils’ responsibilities, rights and functions are all laid down in various Local Government Acts as is the case with Highworth Town Council. These are laid down as a Duty or Power.  A Council cannot act unless there is a power in law to do so.

Powers include (but not exhaustive):

Providing Allotments

Provision and upkeep of a Cemetery

 Bus Shelters

 Provision of a Community Centre

Provision of Litter Bins

 Saturday Market

 Maintenance of Parish Properties and Open Spaces

 Public Conveniences

 Play Areas and Sports Pitches



Swindon Borough Council is responsible for most of the infrastructure of the Town, its Schools, Roads, Council Housing, Planning, Refuse Collection, Street Lighting, Governance and many other things. Swindon Borough Council has its own website and all of its services and powers are contained therein.

The Office Team will pass on complaints on behalf of residents to Swindon Borough Council and help residents to contact Swindon Borough Council where they have encountered difficulties.


Highworth Town Council is made up of 15 elected Councillors.  Town Councillors can be contacted directly, they are available to discuss issues and concerns you may have within Highworth.  

Town Councillors are available to discuss issues on the Podium every Saturday for the duration of the Market. 

In addition, Borough Councillors hold a surgery in the Council Offices every first Saturday Morning of every month. 

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History of highworth