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Councils’ responsibilities, rights and functions are all laid down in various Local Government Acts as is the case with Highworth Town Council (HTC). These are laid down as “Powers” or “Duties” and most of these exercised by HTC are as follows:

Power to Provide Allotments, a Cemetery, bus shelters, a Community Centre, Provision of letter bins, Saturday Market, Maintenance of Parish Properties and Open Spaces, Public Conveniences, Play Areas and Sports pitches, Street Lighting (Installed new street lighting  in High Street and Market Square which was handed over to SBC on completion), Tourism and  Staff Training.

Under the devolving of Services from the Borough Council to Town and Parish Councils, HTC took over Street Cleaning, Verge Cutting and Shrub Maintenance from SBC under a negotiated contract. Included in the contract was agreement to maintain some trees to a height that can be reached from the ground and the removal of Fly Tipping up to a certain volume, should we wish to do so, if not it falls to SBC to deal with.  HTC work closely with SBC regarding any fly tipping issues.

SBC is responsible for most of the infrastructure of the town, its schools, roads, council housing, planning, refuse collection, street lighting, governance and many other things. SBC has its own website and all of its services and powers are contained therein.

HTC does many other things, not mentioned above, such as maintaining St Michael’s Church and Vorda closed graveyards.  HTC is also permitted to comment on Planning Applications on properties within the Parish. The Office will pass on complaints on behalf of residents to SBC and help residents to contact SBC where they have encountered difficulties, However, this requires the resident to allow his/her contact details to be passed on to SBC).

Town Councillors can be contacted direct through their contact details which can be found in the Link Magazine, or provide by the Council Offices. They are available to discuss issues within Highworth. Likewise, the three Borough Councillors are similarly available to discuss Borough issues and can be contacted as for the Town Councillors. In addition, Councillors hold a surgery in the Council Offices every first Saturday Morning of every month. Please be aware that the Town Clerk and Office Staff may not be consulted on Political matters or on the performance of individual Councillors.


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