Outline Planning application for 250 dwellings on Land at Shrivenham Road, Highworth


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Highworth Residents

Ref. S/OUT/20/0422

Outline Planning application for 250 dwellings on Land at Shrivenham Road, Highworth

Due to COVID-19 our normal form of communication is unavailable therefore this is an informative notice advising you to go to the Swindon Borough Council (SBC) Planning Portal where all the documentation for this application can be viewed if you wish to know more.


If you would like to comment it is vital that you E- Mail or write to Swindon Borough Council (SBC) Planning Department quoting the reference number above. SBC is a Planning Authority whilst Highworth Town Council (HTC) is not. Only comments forwarded to SBC Planning Department will be included in their determination process. Please be aware that there is a deadline for comments of 2 June 2020.


Contact details below.

E Mail to:      sbcdc@swindon.gov.uk

Postal Address:     

Planning and Transport

Swindon Borough Council

Wat Tyler House

Beckhampton  Street



This Planning application is to be considered by  HTC in due course and notices to this effect will be displayed informing Residents with the details.

Borough Council Election Results

Blunsdon & Highworth

Name of candidate Party Number of votes:

BISHOP, Alan John Conservative Party                 1,654
COPE, Jaime Louise Labour Party                         756
DAY, Andrew Donald Green Party                          453
SALMON, Malcolm Charles Liberal Democrat       312
Number of ballot papers rejected:                          86

Total votes cast: 3,266
Electorate: 8,657
Turnout: 37.73%



Completion of the Podium


Completed Podium



Work has begun on the Podium:


Councillors awarded the contract for the Podium Refurbishment work to C J Cook and Partners at a Council meeting on Thursday 2 August 2018. The company has been asked to commence work from Monday 24 September 2018 this will allow the annual Fair to visit in the first week in September. The work is expected to be finished by the end of October and well before Remembrance Sunday to allow for the Remembrance Sunday Service to take place on the Podium. During the work, the back row of car parking spaces will be closed as half the Market Square will be fenced off by the Contractors carrying out the work.

Whilst work is undertaken, the Market will temporarily relocate to the old library car park (near the Public Loos).