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Highworth Cemetery is a local green space situated along the Cricklade Road on the western side of the Town. This is a tranquil area with a small Chapel and commanding views over the Thames valley. The Cemetery is open to public at all times.

Highworth Cemetery is available for cremated remains into ashes plot or full burial plots. If you are not a Highworth Parishioner the cost is elevated. The Exclusive Rights of Burial are sold for 100 years with the ability to transfer ownership within that time, should this be required. Please call 01793 762377 or email for more information.

A full burial plot can hold 2 full interments and up to 6 sets of ashes which are interred on top following the second full burial.  Cremation plots can hold up to 2 sets of ashes.

If you wish to find a friend or relative within Highworth Cemetery please email with as much information as possible to enable us to locate the correct plot number.

Memorial benches have been placed within the cemetery. If this is something you would like to do, we ask you to pay Highworth Town Council directly for the cost of the bench and Highworth Town Council will source and install it. Due to the space being limited the number of benches permitted are limited.

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Interment Form

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Memorial Application

Cemetery Rules & Regulations   

Burial Fees