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Town Councillors

highworth town councillors

26.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Julie Murphy, Highworth Town Council.
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Julie Murphy

I moved to Highworth in 1971 as my father was a senior engineer on Concorde based at Fairford. I attended Westrop Primary school and then went on to Warneford, I also raised my family here. During my working career I have held several management positions in the private and public sector and now run my own driver training and road safety business. I have been a Councillor since 2019 and during that time I have been the Deputy Mayor and Chair between 2020-2022 and Mayor and Chair 2022-2023. I am the Chair of Planning and Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan and sit on all the committees of the council. I am passionate about working for residents to make a difference and to protect the town for future generations.

Rosedene, Inglesham, SN6 7RA

Mobile:  07803 602 568



26.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Anthony Houghton, Highworth Town Council.
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Anthony Houghton
Deputy Mayor/Chairman

I am a professional Data Architect working for a Research and Innovation organisation in Swindon. I have lived and worked for various companies in and around Swindon for over 30 years. As a resident of Highworth I am committed to improving where I live, not only for me, but for the benefit of everyone who is fortunate enough to live here. Currently I am part of the team running the Highworth Community Centre probably the largest if not the most successful community centre in Swindon, which is a great asset to Highworth. I wish to ensure that Highworth prospers and grows as a healthy nurturing environment for the future of my children and my grandchildren, who live and go to school here. You will find me, alongside other Highworth Town councillors, in the market square every Saturday, listening to local resident concerns, and helping where we are able.

40 The Dormers, Highworth SN6 7NZ

07880 793062

10.05.23 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Simon Apps, Highworth Town Council.
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Simon Apps

I moved to Highworth in 1988 and have three children, all of whom attended Highworth Schools. I am a photojournalist and run a national PR photo agency. As a town councillor, I am truly independent, without any political affiliations and always prioritise the interests of our community. I represent residents fairly, want to engage with residents to listen to opinions or concerns, and on most Saturdays can be found in the Market Square where I am always happy to have a chat. I welcome contact on social media or by email.

Ambar Cottage, 12 Swindon Road, Highworth SN6 7SL

Mobile: 07850 468095

Gemma Dennis

Gemma Dennis

I appreciate how lucky I am to live in Highworth raising my family and I want to give something back to the community. I hope during my time on the council I can help protect our green spaces, support local businesses and bring more back to the town for future generations to enjoy.

34 Sevenfields, Highworth SN6 7NF

Mobile: 07743 859874


26.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Ian Durnin-Duffy, Highworth Town Council.
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Ian Durnin-Duffy

I've lived in Highworth for nearly 18 years now, having lived previously in many different places and countries. Love Highworth and all it has to offer to its residents. Would like to help continue the great things the Council does already for the town. Married with 3 grown up children. Love live music and sport and was very sporty before I got old!

78A Westrop, Highworth SN6 7HJ

Mobile: 07821 937159


Nick Gardiner chain shot

Nick Gardiner

12 Coffin Close, Westrop, Highworth SN6 7HA

Telephone: 01793 226337

Mobile: 07979 510593

26.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Lesley Gow, Highworth Town Council.
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Lesley Gow

I value community life here and have reasons to be grateful for the kindness of individuals, including residents in the street where I live and in the wider Highworth community. The Covid pandemic highlighted for me the importance of our mutual support groups, local shops, services and amenities. While I am involved in a number of other voluntary organisations I believe that maintaining and improving services and amenities in Highworth requires collaboration at the local political level.

23 Queens Avenue, Highworth SN6 7BZ

Mobile: 07840 273750

Fraser Haines

Fraser Haines

Passionate about sport, Secretary of Highworth Town Football Club since 1988. Keen to see investment in the town facilities such as play areas and will always work for the best interest of the town as my Father (Rodney Haines) and my Grandmother (Middi Haines) did.

222 Windrush, Highworth SN6 7EE

Telephone: 01793 861109

Mobile: 07939032451

26.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Natalie Key, Highworth Town Council.
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Natalie Key

I live in Highworth with my partner and 3 young children. I am committed to making Highworth the best it can be and giving back to the community.

30 The Willows, Highworth SN6 7PG

Mobile: 07971 485359

26.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Paul Newton-Smith, Highworth Town Council.
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Paul Newton-Smith

I have been a councillor for the last 4 years and am a member of various groups around the town. These include as a trustee of the Community Centre, Friends of Pentylands Country Park and help to organise the annual May Day event. I also manage the Historical Society website and am an admin for various facebook groups.

41 The Dormers, Highworth SN6 7NZ

Telephone: 01793 764575

Mobile: 07939 467 907

Graeme O

Graeme Olley

A former Army Officer who served for 30 years with 6 Operational Tours. I have lived in Highworth for 13 years. An Environmentalist.

97 Eastrop, Highworth SN6 7PP

Mobile: 07884 304461

26.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Ken Saunders, Highworth Town Council.
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ken saunders

Retired Police Officer, General Manager Finance Co (Retired). Chair Friends of Pentylands Country Park, Trustee Highworth Community Centre, Committee Member Highworth Community Partnership Group, Highworth Historical Society. Team leader for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Woodland Trust.

343 Windrush, SN6 7EF

Telephone: 01793 763071 
Mobile: 07968 640136

18.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Mayor of Highworth 2023-2024, Cllr Keith Smith.
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Keith smith

A retired headteacher, working with children with special needs. An independent councillor for 6 years. Active volunteer with Highworth Community Partnership Group; a trustee of the Community Centre and Highworth United Charities. Member of team to set up Visit Highworth Ltd. Former Chair of Swindon Brand of British Heart Foundation helping to raise over £500k for this vital charity. Personal interests include: theatre; books and photography.

 Flat, 35 High Street, Highworth SN6 7AQ

Mobile: 07836 382 827

26.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Steve Weisinger, Highworth Town Council.
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Steve weisinger

Cllr Weisinger is also a Swindon Borough Councillor

8 Barra Close, Highworth SN6 7HX

Telephone: 01793 764668

Mobile: 07791 122843

26.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Richard Williams, Highworth Town Council.
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Richard Williams

I have been a councillor for the last 4 years and have attended 98% of relevant meetings.  I was proud to serve as Mayor between 2020-2022. I am the Market Manager and Chair of trustees at the Recreation Centre as well as being the official Town Crier.  You can also find me behind the sweet stall on a Saturday where I will be happy to discuss any issues you may have.

7 Park Avenue, Highworth SN6 7AW

Telephone: 01793 763 514

Mobile: 07789 781 151

swindon borough councillors

Nick Gardiner chain shot


12 Coffin Close,  Westrop, Highworth, SN6 7HA

Mobile: 07979510593                                    Telephone : 01793 226337



Vijay manro

38 The Dormers, Highworth, Swindon, SN6 7NZ

Telephone: 07545429367


26.06.24 - Highworth, UK.
Cllr Steve Weisinger, Highworth Town Council.
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8 Barra Close, Highworth, SN6 7HX

Telephone: 01793 764 668
Mobile: 07791 122843


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