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May Day

First of all thank you to everyone who attended and supported the May Day in 2019. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

The May Day Team is made up of 8 volunteers supported by few extra helpers on the day. They work tirelessly from September to the day of the event making sure all legal, Health and Safety paperwork is done, funding sourced, acts booked etc. Everything in our power is done to make sure the community has a fab FREE day. We welcome feedback, but please remember they are only volunteers, with day jobs, families and other interests to juggle to ensure they give the full support to the May Day.

FACT: Did you know that marshals walked an average 31,000 steps at the event.

The May Day have no jurisdiction over any inconsiderate parking outside your homes or in your streets. The May Day arranged for extra parking at Warneford School and having checked with school this was well used with some space. Unfortunately the other car parking area we have previously used wanted to charge us this year and it was deemed that the money could be better spent elsewhere on the event.

The May Day team would encourage everyone who can to walk to the event, especially as we get many people visiting from outside of Highworth looking for a parking space.

It was also highlighted that there was an issue with the drop kerbs. The drop kerbs were marked with crosses on the evening before to ensure that they were kept clear. An assessment was made to permit two to have stalls in front of a drop kerb as there were a further two in close proximity. The May Day team have already identified how to ensure there is no issue in 2020 and temporary drop kerbs will be used for the event.

The May Day team have a few concerns that we would like you to help us with.