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Invitation To Tender – Northview Play Area 

The Council is currently seeking to appoint an experienced and qualified contractor to  redevelop Northview Play Area in Highworth. The play area has one area of play bark loose fill surface. The existing bark loose fill surface area is being removed by our Grounds Team. The colour and design of the safety surfacing is a chance for the contractor to be innovative which complements the natural surroundings. Accessibility and inclusivity must be incorporated within the design.

Bids need to be received by 28th February 2024.

To visit the official contracts finder website, click here.

To view the Tender Document, click here.

 Clarification Questions & Answers:


  1. Do we have to be approved members of both CHAS and Construction Line or will one of those
    be ok – Yes having one of those will be fine.
  2. As the window is tight for us to get back to you can we submit plans and prices but not fancy 3D pictures at this point – Yes happy for you to submit plans and prices
  3. Can you meet us on site– Unfortunately, we are unable to meet anyone on site, the number of interests we have been shown it would be impossible to meet everyone.
  4. Are there any notable drainage issues to be aware of? Not that I am aware of
  5. I will assess the site access upon my visit, however please let me know if there is a particular route that you deem best? You can access the site from two ways, neither is more beneficial than the other.
  6. Is there a specific list of items to remove from the existing play area?  Or perhaps you are happy for us to assess and make recommendations? Our grounds team will remove all the items from the play area.
  7. Do you intend for the existing loosefill surfacing to remain, with the new play equipment to be installed into the adjacent grass onto wetpour?
  8. Or perhaps you wish for the loosefill to be partially/ fully removed/replaced? All the loose fill will be removed by our grounds team, wet pour would be our preference for the entire area.
  9. I have received the ITT document, but I wonder if there are any further documents/plans/surveys being issued as part of the tender?

No further documents have been issued.

Additional clarifications.


  1. C) is there a maximum word count in any of the sections? If so, what is it and where does it apply? No
  2. D) do you absolutely require a hard copy? What size designs would you like? Soft copy is fine, you can submit any size of design you prefer.

Section 1:

Please confirm the deadline for clarifications as it is not detailed in the tender document. There is no deadline for clarifications.

Please confirm the deadline as it is not detailed in the tender document. As shown on Contracts Finder it is the 28th February 2024.


Section 2:

2.3 Where do you envisage the site to be extended? Along the bottom flat area.

2.4 What does modern mean to you? New equipment as what we have is years old.

What does high-quality mean to you? A good standard of equipment that lasts.

What does accessible friendly mean? Equipment that all can use.


Inclusive roundabout so wheelchair/pushchair accessible? Yes.

Seesaw – traditional or spring loaded? Multiple users/more than 2? Either and yes multiple users.


2.5 You mention Wetpour surfacing with necessary groundworks. Is this for the whole area? Yes.


Are we completely removing the bark pit and edging? No, our grounds team will do that.

What is happening with the existing equipment? No longer going to be used, we will remove it.

Is this going to remain? If not, who will be expected to remove it? No, we will remove it.

Does anything need to happen with the existing embankment slide and platform? The slide and platform will be removed by our grounds team, the embankment will be staying.

Have you had a recent inspection we can refer to? By whom?  If you mean ROSPA then yes but all the existing equipment is going so it won’t be relevant.


2.6 How will you be scoring the tenders? Each tender will be scored using a matrix, we give a % against, price/quality/timeframe/compliance.

Will our (KOMPAN) quote be sufficient to tender for the pricing? Yes, with a design.

Will the completed tender document be the only documents you expect back? With all sections in the ITT complete (no supporting documents?) Yes, if you wish to send supporting documents you can.

Are we able to provide supporting documents as appendices. Yes.

What’s happening with the existing kit? As already asked on your previous question all the equipment is being removed by our grounds team.

  • 4 way spinner
  • Duo spinner
  • Swing frame


Best access to site? I noted this is most likely at the top of the hill:

As you will have seen there are two ways to access the site, for the build it would need to be at the bottom, via The Knowlands not the top of the hill.