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Schedule of meetings/ upcoming agendas



Highworth Town Council is to hold all future Council Meetings using the virtual platform Zoom until further notice. The meeting reference and passwords will become part of the agenda and publicised in the normal way.

Members of the public are able to attend the virtual meetings but will not be permitted to speak. Questions for Councillors should be submitted to the Town Clerk prior to the Meeting date.

The meetings menu above contains links to all the current meeting minutes categorised by agenda. Click here for the Meeting Schedule 2020/2021.

Full Council

Chairman & Town Mayor
Cllr Richard Williams

Deputy Chairman & Deputy Town Mayor
Cllr Julie Murphy

Responsible for the work of The Council. Split between Full Council, Planning, Environment & Leisure and General Purpose & Finance.

Committees and Working Groups are created as and when required, to discuss, manage and deliver specific projects.


Cllr Julie Murphy

Deputy Chairman
Cllr Kim Barber

Where the opinion of the Highworth Town Council (HTC) as a consultee on Planning Applications relating to the Town is decided.

 Recommendations are then given to the Planning Authority which is Swindon Borough Council.

Environment & Leisure

Cllr Ken Saunders

Deputy Chairman
Cllr Nick Gardiner

Responsible for the Sports fields, allotments and Cemetery as well as other open spaces and buildings maintained and cared for by the Town Council.

The grass cutting, shrubs and hedges along with litter picking of the main shopping areas.

General Purpose & Finance

Cllr Keith Smith

Deputy Chairman
Cllr Paul Newton-Smith

The day to day running of the Offices, the Financial Planning/Budgeting and Controls for the Town.

Saturday Market


The Public are welcome to attend any of the Meetings  – there is a time for Public questions at the beginning of each Full Council Meeting, and for items on the Agendas of the Planning, Environment & Leisure and General Purpose & Finance Meetings. Meetings will start promptly at 7pm unless stated otherwise.

Full Council

Annual Council Meeting Agenda

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Chairman and mayor of full council - Councillor Richard Williams


Extra-Ordinary Planning

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Planning - SHELAA

The Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment 2019 (SHELAA) is now available on Swindon Borough Council’s website and will be used to help inform the preparation of the Council’s Local Plan Review. It can also be used by parishes to help produce their own Neighbourhood Plans.

The SHELAA only identifies sites with potential for future development and does not allocate sites to be developed.

Several sites were taken out of the original SHELAA list following feedback from local residents because they would constitute major development in an Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB) or would significantly impact on the urban green corridors and the quality of open space.

Local people were asked for their views on the SHELAA during a six-week consultation period at the end of last year. A total of more than 1,000 comments were made, while two petitions were also submitted to the Council.

Sites included in the SHELAA will not necessarily be granted planning permission and all applications will continue to be considered against national policies, the Council’s Development Plan and any other relevant material considerations.

Chairman of planning - Councillor Julie murphy

Environment & Leisure

Chairman of Environment & Leisure - Councillor ken saunders

General Purpose & Finance

chairman of General Purpose & Finance - Councillor keith smith



Archived Minutes

This page contains archive PDF files of All meeting minutes from 2016 – 2019. Older files are available on request through the contact form here Or just pop into the office.

You can also view the previous years in the archive. Should you require any older documents. Please get in touch via the contact form here or pop into the office.