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Highworth Neighbourhood Plan 2

The Neighbourhood Plan Committee are pleased to announce that further grant funding has been secured for a specialist to look at developing design codes for the updated plan. Design codes shape how development should look, dependant on the location within the Town. The process identifies character areas and then parameters for developers to follow. For example, it will determine what materials must be used. The steering group spent the afternoon with the consultants, taking them around the Town and the Committee are awaiting a draft of their findings. The specialists are particularly focusing on the sites proposed by Swindon Borough Council in their local plan review for development in Highworth, so should the sites come forward then Highworth will have the opportunity to have some control of what is approved. We will keep you updated on the findings when they become available. The Committee have summarised 4 of the 5 workshops and the results are below. We will let you know more details on this shortly. There is still lots of work to do and we will be engaging with you again soon, in the meantime good progress is being made on this key document. Highworth Town Council Neighbourhood Plan Committee