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Our Services

Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds Maintenance Team are responsible for the following:

• Grass cutting, including open spaces and allotments
• Shrubs, flower beds and hedges 
• Litter clearance
• Pavements and minor road sweeping
• Smaller items of fly tipping where the Council has the capability
• Emptying of litter bins and dog waste bins around the Town (the dog waste bins are currently emptied by a external contractor)

The Team also maintain the Cemetery along Cricklade Road and the Churchyard at St Michaels Church


If you see us around the Town please do give us a smile and wave!


Allotment Locations and Price – 2021

We have two allotment sites in Highworth, one at Park Avenue, one alongside the A361 Swindon Road and one a little further back from the A361 site near the Golf Course/ Recreation Centre field. In total we have 234 allotment plots, all of which are currently allocated, and we have a waiting list that is building up fast.

The Council Offices are currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but you can contact us via phone or email, Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 1.00pm and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

The rent for the allotments from 1 February 2021 to 31 January 2022 is £25.00 Payment of the rental may be made by post or paid by bacs online. Cheques should be made payable to Highworth Town Council and any cash payments put in an envelope with your name and plot number on. 

If you wish to pay by bacs, our bank details are
Sort Code: 08-90-12
Account Number: 61580271

If you do pay by bacs, then please use your plot number as the payment reference.


HIGHWORTH CEMETERY A local green space situated along the Cricklade Road on the western side of the town. This is a tranquil area with a small chapel and commanding views over the Thames valley.

HIGHWORTH PARISH CHURCH CHURCHYARD: A tranquil and historic open space within the Conservation Area, visually important to the setting and character of the historic town centre.

SEVENHAMPTON CHURCHYARD: A tranquil and historic open space within the Conservation Area of the hamlet, visually important to the setting and character of Sevenhampton. Ian Fleming is buried here.

Highworth Cemetery is available for cremated remains into ashes plot or full burial plots. If you are not a Highworth Parishioner the cost is elevated. Please call 01793 762377 or email for more information.

If you wish to find a friend or relative within Highworth Cemetery please email with as much information as possible to enable us to locate the correct plot number.

Memorial benches have been placed within the cemetery. If this is something you would like to do, we ask you to pay Highworth Town Council directly for the cost of the bench and Highworth Town Council will source and install it. Due to the space being limited the number of benches permitted are limited.

Open Spaces

THE VILLAGE GREENS – WINDRUSH These are 2 areas of visually important green space at the main entrance to the Windrush estate, one a small area in front of numbers 1-13 Windrush, the other, larger area adjoins this area on the south corner of entrance to Windrush. The Village Greens have been a favourite space for the residents on the Windrush estate for over 25 years. HCPG joined with the residents in 2010 to try and save them and after a protracted legal battle had them officially registered as Village Greens under the guardianship of HCPG. They provide space for respite and recreation for one of the largest housing estates in the town. They provide valuable play space for the children, who have no formal play area on the estate and they are used for the occasional estate events.


Windrush Village Green

Windrush Sqaure

TOWN GARDENS A small area of green space on the corner of Swindon Street and The Elms, surrounded by a stone wall. It is a pleasant area with a lawn in the centre and shrubs around the periphery. 

HARESFIELD PLAY AREA Public open space behind The Dormers and adjacent to the former Northview School and Knowlands/Sevenfields at the bottom of the slope, being the site of a Play Area belonging to Highworth Town Council.

Town Gardens


RECREATION GROUNDS – UPPER AND LOWER FIELDS The Elms Rec is Highworth’s principal outdoor Leisure area. It comprises the Upper Rec and the Lower Rec extension fields. The Upper Rec, known as the Elms Rec is owned solely by Highworth Town Council and has a sporting pavilion and changing rooms, and hard standing tennis courts. Besides being the key recreational resource for the town, it is also used as informal open space and by various public bodies in Highworth for public events, such as the Highworth Festival etc. The Upper Rec also provides facilities for Highworth Town Football Club in the winter and Highworth Cricket Club in the summer under separate licenses. The Lower Rec provides facilities for the Highworth Junior Football Club and is the site for local music festivals and a touring circus.

CRANE FURLONG RECREATION GROUND This recreation area is regularly waterlogged. Highworth Town Council, sited a set of goalposts and residents use it for family picnics and ballgames.

Upper Rec

Lower Rec

Crane Furlong

Islay Triangle

Pentylands country park

The 40 hectares making up Pentylands Country Park has been in local authority ownership for more than 50 years.  To date some 10,000 trees have been planted. Since their first involvement Great Western Community Forest have taken responsibility for the trees in the park and still retain that responsibility. 

 In 2006, following a year of consultation between residents, Great Western Community Forest and Swindon Borough Council, the Friends of Pentylands Country Park were formed, and they have managed the Park ever since. 

The Friends remit was and still remains to manage the Park for conservation and biodiversity, to ensure there is suitable wildlife habitat, to provide and expansion area as part of SBC’s wildlife corridor, and to provide informal recreational space for the people of Highworth and residents of the wider Borough at large.  

As part of this responsibility records are kept and whilst the lists are still being added to: currently 136 varieties of wild flowers including orchids have been identified, 50 species of bird, 19 species of butterflies and moths, 29 different grass species. 

Two species of Dragonfly have been identified in the wetland area along with 5 species of Damselfly. The wetland is a thriving breeding ground for frogs and the streams contain sticklebacks, freshwater shrimps and crayfish. 

Fungi are an important indicator of the health, well-being and good management of a conservation area. In 1998 a survey of the Park identified 5 species of fungi; the last Fungi survey identified 42 species not including slime moulds.  

 Two copses of trees are included in the County Wildlife Sites, and they are included in policy 13. 41 Highworth Neighbourhood Plan Final Version Mar 2017 

 GWCF plays a crucial role in contributing to sustainable development in Swindon, the urban fringes and in the varied and beautiful surrounding countryside including Highworth.


golf course

The course was developed in the lower area of the Recreation ground using one of the higher fields for a pitch and putt area. There is a golf shop and toilet block for users of the course under the ownership and (currently) control of Twigmarket, leased from Swindon BC. It is a 9 hole course. It is an attractive area, well landscaped and containing walking paths, which are well used by runners and walkers and can be accessed from several paths leading off Cricklade Road and the Upper Rec. Its position on the hill leading into Highworth from Swindon creates an attractive landscape when entering the town.

Play Areas

Barra Close Park

Northview Park

Jubilee Park (The Rec)

Saturday Market

Highworth is an ancient hilltop Market Town and has a population of approximately 8000 residents. In 1206 Highworth was granted a charter for its Market which is still held weekly and can be found in the Market Square on Saturday mornings 8:am-2:00pm.

For more information or to enquire about becoming a stall holder please see the official Highworth Market Facebook page or contact the Market Manager – Richard Williams on 07789781151.
Enquires can also be forwarded through the team at the Council Offices using the contact us form or phoning 01793 762377

Public toilets

Public Toilets are open between the hours of 7:00am – 7:00pm and cost 20p Each toilet is cleaned on a daily basis, if they are found to be unsatisfactory please contact our offices during working hours 01793 762377 or email


Highworth Town Council has several rooms available for hire.

The Committee Room is perfect for meetings while the Community Room is perfect for all types of functions. 

Contact the office for more information

Cycle Paths